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  • Programming Spotlight: Pre-theater and Post-Theater Visits from the New Victory Theater November 16, 2017
    Stepping during a pre-theater visit on 11/6/17.A gallery walk during a post-theater visit on 11/13/17.On November 8th we teachers and our administrators took all of our students at Passages Academy--Belmont to the New Victory Theater to see Step Afrika’s The Migration: Reflections On Jacob Lawrence.  The performance blended step, jazz, and African choreography with jazz, […]
  • Billie: A Memoir by Billie King November 9, 2017
    Growing up is always hard, but for Billie it was especially difficult. At the age of 10, she already has to protect her mother from her abusive father and learn the ugly truth about her always distant sister, Nia. One day Billie, her mom, and sister finally decide to leave it all behind and move […]
  • Saving Marty by Paul Griffin November 7, 2017
    It takes a runt pig, Marty, for Lorenzo the protagonist in Paul Griffin’s latest novel, Saving Marty, to reveal his belief in the importance of friendship and the value he places on it.  Lorenzo, who is an eleven year old boy, lacks confidence in his abilities and social skills.  However, he has become overwhelmed by […]
  • Guest Post: Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds October 31, 2017
    The morning after Will’s brother, Shawn, is shot and killed, Will steps onto the elevator with a gun tucked into his pants, knowing what he has to do. Will is pretty sure a guy named Riggs killed Shawn, and he is definitely sure it is his responsibility to do the same to Riggs. But on […]

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