Passages Academy is New York City Department of Education school that provides educational services to students in detention or placement settings.


Passages Academy operates schools at multiple sites located throughout New York City


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Student Resources

We have a number of resources available to ensure every youth makes a seamless transition to his or her community school. A social worker or counselor is assigned to work with the youth while enrolled at Passages Academy. The youth’s social worker helps students, families, and partners understand transcripts, school options and educational pathways. The…

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Academics: Curriculum for Success

Following orientation, the youth will be assigned a class program based on his or her grade level and academic needs at the time of enrollment. The school offers most courses found in middle and high schools in the community, including English, Math, Social Studies, Science, Art, and Physical Education. Students requiring specific courses for graduation…

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Academic and Social Emotional Learning

Passages Academy provides educational instruction and counseling for students ages 18 and younger in secure and non-secure detention and placement settings. Passages Academy is New York City Department of Education (DOE) school operated by District 79 . Passages Academy operates in collaboration with the New York City Administration of Children Services (ACS), Division of Youth and Family Justice…

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Our Mission as a school is to provide all of our students with the academic and social/emotional competencies necessary to continue their progress as a student while they are with us. As well as planning with all student support networks to provide transition plans that will support each student’s continued success on their pathway to graduation.  
Our School Vision is for all of our students will strive to achieve academic and social/emotional advances that will lead to completion of their educational goals, and the opportunity to explore various college/career choices.   In order to accomplish this, our school will be a community of learners, studying to find and implement innovative instructional and therapeutic strategies, thereby building our toolkits so that we may meet the needs of our diverse student population.
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